Choosing Colored Tile (And Other Design Habits I’m Changing Up!

Choosing Colored Tile (And Other Design Habits I’m Changing Up!

I have always loved color, but when the all white EVERYTHING home design trends started showing up, I fell hard for them. To be fair, I still love an all white room and I get why the trend hit me so hard. White is clean, fresh, makes spaces look bigger and sometimes more expensive. It also simplifies the design process and generally looks nice. I like white rooms and I always will.

With. That. Said.

I am sooooo excited to try something new. It all started when I read Island Hopping last summer. It opened me up to a style that vibes with my love for mid-century, but is totally and completely not mid-century. That book started a shift for me. I started making mood board after mood board, inspired by the idea of combining different styles—a little bit regency, a little bit boho, some traditional, some ’70s glam, and the elements of mid-century that are so ingrained in me.

For the past six months, I have been working to build a new style for our new home and it’s been such a fun, creative process!

One of the first mile markers I came to was choosing our first tile color. I knew I wanted to branch out from white.

These are just a few samples I grabbed out of my little stash. The tiles are from Fireclay Tile. They have so many incredible colors and I love to play with the samples, trying out different color combinations. I ended up using their large star and cross pattern in the color Tumbleweed.

The wallpaper samples shown here are all Lulie Wallace. I am thinking of using one of her really bold papers for either our dining room or breakfast nook.

When I first revealed the coffee bar, some of you noticed that the colors were a little off. So we tried to get them more true to real life in these photos. We will also be doing this on room photos moving forward.

Design habits I am changing up:

-White walls.
In the past, my go-to was white walls. It’s seamless and can brighten small rooms and make them feel bigger. For our ’90s home, we were lucky enough to buy it with freshly painted white walls, which is always a nice clean slate to start from. If I were doing a mid-century house with some lower ceilings (like our last house), I think white walls are a great choice.

In our ’90s house, we have some very high ceilings. Most of them are 10-11 feet with some rooms with huge vaults. The white walls in this home make it feel undesigned and much less cozy. Everything just looks unfinished and the vaulted rooms are practically screaming at me for some paint color or wallpaper or moulding. I hear your cries, ’90s house.

Moral of the story really is that every house is different, and that one part of designing your home should be learning what will bring out its best features.

-All white tile, cabinets, etc. 
In our previous home, I did exclusively white or marble tile. A big part of that was the whole “resale” conversation. We always knew we were planning to stay in our previous home about five years. This is not the case in our new home—we’re planning to stay indefinitely. Also, as I spent the past several years combing through real estate listings in our area, I changed my ideas about how important it is to have white tile. The more I shopped, the more I realized that there are SO many different buyers’ perspectives and so many people who aren’t as picky as me or don’t have the same preferences. It really is impossible to know! I might choose a tile that’s “better for resale” and the next owner might rip it out anyway. So, I will no longer be holding this as a main consideration.

I mean, we’re planning to do a RAINBOW tile bathroom and I’m just going to assume that someday when our house sells that it will be a selling point … because you never know, it will be to some people!

-Exclusively mid-century lighting. 
I will always have a soft spot for mid-century lighting. In our new home, I will be using some mid-century lighting, some vintage, and some different pieces. For example, I am loving Stray Dog Designs and would really like to use one of these in our bedroom or possibly the breakfast room.

I’ll be sharing more updates soon. If you’re curious to see what all is on our 2021 project list, it’s right here. xx! Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Kelly. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.