Elsie’s Fashion Challenge 10-Month Update

Elsie’s Fashion Challenge 10-Month Update

Alrighty … so it’s time for my 10-month update on shopping only used clothing. It’s gotten both easier and more difficult for me to keep with my goal.

Overall, I have loved the exercise and feel it’s made me a more thoughtful shopper, and for sure more minimal. I really feel it’s impacted the way I will shop for the rest of my life. I also love my clothing as a whole more than I have in years, which is the greatest feeling. For years, I had a closet full of clothing but felt I had nothing to wear. Now every single item in my closet fits and is something I am excited to wear. It’s also gotten much easier to stay in the habit of cleaning stuff out and letting things go that I love, but am not wearing.

I would definitely say that the best part of this whole experience is creating better habits and feeling much less wasteful, both of my own time and money, and also with the waste associated with over-shopping. So many wins!

Another thing—it’s been FUN. I really enjoy the hunt. And though I’m not shopping nearly as much, I feel like I’m more excited about what I do buy.

Here’s how it’s gotten easier:  
I really don’t think about clothing shopping. I delete emails without opening them. I pass by my favorite store at the mall without going in (sometimes). And most of all, when I’m having my “zen time” at night, my go-to is no longer online shopping (I switched to pinning house stuff, which is still really fun).

I don’t feel super limited on clothing. I have a bunch of nice dresses I love, great jeans and way too many jumpsuits as always. I still shop on Poshmark a little, but overall my closet feels pretty complete.

I love not thinking about shopping and not feeling like I need to “check out” every single sale since those are constant. I love feeling content with what I own.

I found this Ace & Jig top on Poshmark for $30.

Here’s how it’s gotten more difficult: 
Though my challenge has been mostly positives, there will always be a few downsides. I hate that to keep it 100% on my goal I can’t  buy ANY new clothing, because at times that excludes things like cute local boutiques I want to support or small brands. So I definitely look forward to shopping my favorite local and small brands again after January 1!

Autumn sweaters. Oh man. This category almost did me in. For some reason, there are certain categories that are real easy to shop pre-owned (dresses, tops, accessories), but then others that are very tricky (jeans, sweaters, outerwear).

So yes, there are a few small downsides, but big picture it’s been mainly positives!

This dress is old J.Crew and I love it so much. I snagged it last summer and couldn’t wait for autumn to wear it!

I found a few long dresses on Poshmark, including this one from Faithfull The Brand that I have been wearing on repeat. They are so easy to wear and work for basically any occasion.

Bottom line, if you’re considering doing a used clothing challenge, I HIGHLY recommend it!!!! It’s been a great experience and very worthwhile.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’d love to chat with you in the comments!

xoxo- Elsie

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Credits // Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

source: https://abeautifulmess.com/feed