Elsie’s Fashion Challenge – April Update

Elsie’s Fashion Challenge – April Update

I am so happy to share that I’m on month four of my used shopping challenge and I’m absolutely loving it! I’ll share what I’ve learned, but first, a few outfits from our recent Palm Springs trip.

The dress I’m wearing above is Free People and I bought it for cheap on Poshmark. I’ve found so many amazing dresses for $20-$30 in there, including Free People, Anthropologie and Madewell.

Let me tell you, I was stunned when I found these matching Kate Spade dresses. I snagged them immediately.

There’s my Goodwill hat making another appearance. I’ve taken it on two trips this year.

This red dress is Ace & Jig. I snagged it for a good price—a fraction of what they sell for new. One thing I love about shopping used is that I’ve been mainly shopping high-end brands, and it ends up being the same prices as your typical mall clothes, but such higher quality!

I’m not doing the challenge for Nova’s clothes, but I did find this dress from the Whurl app for her. Isn’t it pretty? I love a good ’70s dress!

What I’ve learned so far: The biggest things I’ve learned so far is how unlimited used shopping is online. I was worried I’d feel kind of limited, but I haven’t at all. In fact, if I had more free time, I could probably shop WAY more and find even more gems. This year has been pretty busy for me (by choice! I like to stay super busy during our adoption waits) and I haven’t been able to do any local vintage/used shopping in months.

I have a little list of things I am looking for and this past month I was able to find a dress I had been wanting from a high-end brand for 60% less than retail (and it’s still sold in stores!). I feel so good about that and I also love how much less wasteful my new shopping habits are.

I’ve learned is that if I really want something, I can always find it. I am a fan of setting alerts and keeping a shopping list on my “notes” at all times. I feel like since starting this challenge I’ve found things that are more useful and that I’m wearing more because I’m shopping with more intention.

I’ve also generally felt better about just wearing and enjoying what I already have. I’m trying to get better about re-wearing the same outfits. I think back when we were fashion blogging, I got into the habit of only wearing outfits once or a few times. Now I’m trying to completely break that mindset because it’s so silly. I actually love rewearing the same outfits over and over—it’s so easy!

The only downside to shopping all used is that you almost always can’t return. So I do feel a lot more cautious about purchases. Sometimes if I’m on the fence I just don’t, or I know I may need to take something in for tailoring, so I make sure it’s worth the extra money. I have bought a couple things that didn’t fit or I didn’t love that I then had to re-sell—all things considered, totally worth it.

If you’ve been shopping used I would LOVE to hear what your favorite purchase has been and where you like to shop! ? xx – Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson.

source: https://abeautifulmess.com/feed