Elsie’s Favorite Diaper Bags

Elsie’s Favorite Diaper Bags

Before we adopted Nova, we were looking at all the diaper bag options, and Jeremy vetoed all the cute ones I loved because he didn’t want to carry them. We ended up with a boring gray backpack that he LITERALLY never carried— even once. I carried my boring gray backpack (and purse) for a while, and then ended up just throwing the diaper stuff into bigger purses eventually.

I realize I am throwing Jeremy under the bus, but he deserves it. Haha. This time around, I didn’t even ask him what diaper bag he wanted I just got the ones I really wanted! I like a diaper bag that is cute enough to feel like a purse, or something I would maybe still wear if I wasn’t carrying diaper stuff. Here’s what I ended up with this time—I love them!

Fawn Design Original (in the color Sand)
This is THE bag. I love it so much. I was on the fence whether to get the original or the mini and I ended up getting both (both are useful— I’ll explain more below). If you are only getting one I would get the original size because it’s more suitable for travel. I’ve seen probably ten different women carrying these in airports and I always think they are so cute— so I had to get one! I really love the Sand color because I’m in a neutral-loving phase right now, but they have cute colors as well. The straps can be a backpack or a shoulder bag.

Fawn Design Mini (in Brown)
For everyday life, I like the mini size better since it feels more like a purse. I’ve been wearing it as my purse lately. It’s very functional and just the right size if you don’t have too much stuff. Nova is currently potty trained, so I only need a few toddler essentials with me at all times. In a few months that will change when we bring little sister home.

Twelve Little Diaper Bag and Twelve Little Kids Bag 
These are another really great option if you want something that feels more like a traditional diaper bag (but still cute). Nova loves wearing backpacks and matching in general, so I have to hide these in the closet when we’re not using them so she doesn’t see them and demand we were them right then.

I love having a couple bags to swap between! When we adopted Nova at age 2.5 she wasn’t in diapers that long (around a year or so) but since we’re adopting a younger child this time we’ve got quite a journey ahead of us, so I’m glad to have a few options. I also have one or two really big totes I sometimes use, but I don’t like those as much with little kids because they tend to get into them a lot more. Zippers can be a moms best friend. ?

If there are any other baby great categories you’d be interested in me (or Laura) writing about let us know! I try to keep it pretty chill since I know this is a specific type of product for a season of life we aren’t all currently going through, but I also love to read blog posts about products people love so who knows. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

xx- Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. First two photos: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

source: https://abeautifulmess.com/feed