Episode #13: Hibernation Wisdom

Episode #13: Hibernation Wisdom

Hello friends!!! It’s officially the boring part of winter (post holidays) and this week’s episode is all about things that help us survive winter in Missouri and Tennessee. We also have an embarrassing story that I still can’t believe really happened.

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Here are our tips for getting through a long, dark, cold winter. 🙂

Emma #1: Vitamin D supplements and get outside once a day, even when it’s cold.

Elsie #1: Plan a trip somewhere warm. We’re planning to drive to Florida this winter for our girls’ first beach trip. If you have any suggestions for Florida, I’d love to hear! And spend WAY too much time online choosing the perfect swimsuit. #sparksjoy

If you want to see a clip from the Carnival Cruise VHS we grew up on, here it is in all its glory (still have this song memorized, by the way! I’m so happy this clip was there!)

Elsie #2: Learn something new
I have been so inspired learning new things that I never considered I could do myself. A few years back, I learned royal icing sugar cookies. Currently, I am learning pasta, and next I want to learn to make those fancy layered cakes from Pinterest and also cake pops, just because my kids love them.

Emma #2: Escaping through literature (wine, optional)

Where The Crawdads Sing

The Girl He Used To Know

Elsie #3: Marie Kondo the entire house!

Emma #3: Gratitude + Lowering expectations

Bonus tip: Live in your hot tub (or bathtub). Just never leave.

Embarrassing story: This one is pretty bad! Shout out to Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge … I still love you even though you rejected my gift!

What do you think? Is Shania Twain classic or no?

Guilty Pleasure Treasure:

(Emma is just straight up doing pleasures now)

-Harney + Sons Cinnamon Tea LIFE CHANGING TEA. You’ve never had tea if you haven’t had this!

Here’s the version with no caffeine.

Emma’s hot toddy recipe using the tea.

-Strange Planet by Nathan Pyle. Here’s a link to his IG.

-Organizing things by color.

Here’s a link to our new app, Template.

I’m SO happy to share my organizing by color defense! I get SO many rude comments from people who don’t like it when I organize my apps or my books by color. It gets even worse when I turn my books around backwards for my fall-Christmas decor. But listen up: I recently wanted two specific books from my shelves, while they were turned around backwards, and I went to the shelves and found then BOTH within 15 seconds. It completely affirmed to me that it does NOT matter how you organize; it just matters that your things are organized to you. You do you, rainbow lovers!

Thank you SO much for listening. We’re SO grateful for your support of our podcast. If you’re just catching up now, you can see our full episode archive right here. xx- Elsie + Emma

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