Episode #14: How To Prep Your Home To Sell For Top Dollar

Episode #14: How To Prep Your Home To Sell For Top Dollar

Hello friends! As you know, we’re listing our home soon (we shared details of our upcoming move in Episode 12). We’ve been prepping our home to sell and I enlisted my realtor, Daniel, for his advice to how to best prep and stage a home to sell. We also try out three new segments at the end, so let us know which one is your favorite!

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Show notes:
-Elsie and Emma’s Nashville realtor is Daniel Long. We love Daniel because he is super honest and not shy about making a low-ish offer, which was trickier to find in a realtor in this area!

If you’re in the Nashville area, you can find Daniel on Instagram or email him here … daniel AT jdlproperties DOT net

Daniel’s Tips: How to prep your home to sell for top dollar. 

1. Fresh paint.

Remove bold colors, freshen base boards and trim to make your home feel “new.”

2. Declutter + Staging.

Remove personal items (family photos, sports, political or religious items).

Remove oversized furniture. Leave minimal furniture.

3. Check major mechanics.

If you don’t know the condition of your roof, HVAC, or water heater, you need to find out before you list your home because people will want to know.

Tips for outside: New mulch in flower beds. Fresh paint on shutters, gutters, and trim. Paint the front door and mailbox a fun color. Buyer’s tend to name the houses they’ve seen to help them remember. “The yellow door house …”. You never want to be “the cat house …”

Common mistakes: 

1. One common mistake is thinking the buyer will want to choose their own finishes. Like carpet. Seller offering an allowance instead of replacing it. Even though the seller has offered a solution to the problem, it’s still a problem to have to overcome.

2. Prior to listing, remove any light fixtures, draperies, or anything attached to the house that you intend to take with you after you sell.

3. Don’t make major renovations without consulting a real estate professional. If you have a budget to make improvements before listing, your realtor may be able to point you toward the improvement that would add the most value to your home.

Here’s a pic of us with Daniel last September. Thank you, DANIEL!

Next, we chat about our pet peeves and preferences when viewing real estate including:

-staged vs. unstaged (and unfurnished) homes.
-low quality renovations that are brand new (aka waste).
-when the seller or the seller’s realtor stays for your tour.
-homes that are not clean when you view them (especially swimming pools and bathrooms!)

3 New segments—which one is your favorite??? 99 Problems, What Am I Even Looking At, or Sparks Joy?

Links: Good Girls TV show, Attack Of The Clones lol, and Glassy Baby glasses. This is the set I got. I also think it would be cool to do rainbow collection where each one is different. And here’s a link to our Habitat for Humanity project a few years back.

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