Episode #16: Business Advice For Our Younger Selves

Episode #16: Business Advice For Our Younger Selves

Hi everyone! We’re nothing if not emo and reflective for our past. In this episode, we are giving advice that we wish we had heard earlier in our career. We hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions, we’d love to hear them!

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Elsie 1: Learn to tune out what other people are doing.

The Imagineering Story: A miniseries on Disney+. It shows the Disney parks being built and is very inspiring! Perhaps a good palette cleanser for those of you who watch a lot of news like we do in our home.

Emma 1: Don’t be too narrow in your focus. Don’t be afraid to change your mind.

-Do you want to hear an episode about our conservative upbringing? We’ve been considering it. Emma really wants to do an episode on it, and I understand that it IS an interesting subject. That said, I’m not sure because anytime I bring it up online people try to evangelize me and I’ve always been very private about my faith and religious “journey,” so the thought of opening up the subject kind of scares the &%#@ out of me. Would love to hear your opinion on that!

-Should we start a TikTok? It looks like fun but I am afraid I’ll spend SO MUCH time on it.

Elsie 2: Follow the money.
Maybe this tip will sound money hungry to some, but the truth is it is very expensive to run a business. If you want to make X income you probably actually need to make double that to cover taxes, costs of running a business, retirement, etc. Money is NOT my favorite subject, but choosing a career with a higher earning potential is one way to ensure more room to grow.

Emma 2: Pay attention to what you are good at and what others value in you, not what you wish you were good at or what you value in others.

Elsie 3: Keep at least one hobby that is JUST for fun.

A creative outlet is a gift—not everything you love or are good at needs to be monetized.

-LOL who wants Emma to make a mini-golf course? I DO!

Emma 3: Success is a process, not a destination. Failure is inevitable, it’s just how we learn.

Happy Monday, everyone!!

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