Episode #17: Wedding Stuff + Traditions We Skipped

Episode #17: Wedding Stuff + Traditions We Skipped

This week’s episode is based on a reader question about if there’s anything we’d do differently from our weddings (which were seven and nine years ago now). It was fun to remember our special days and serve up a bit of advice for anyone planning a wedding now. Hope you enjoy it!

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Here are a few photos from Elsie’s wedding:

You can see Elsie’s wedding video here.

Here are a few photos from Emma’s wedding:

-You can see Emma’s wedding video here.

Shout out to Sarah Rhodes who photographed both our weddings and retired from weddings right after Emma’s. She now runs the blog and design company Paro Home.

Other show notes …

-Lol when I say Amy + Tina are hosting the Oscars … oops.

The Outsider … if you’ve been watching, tell us what you think. We’re on the fence.

We’d love to hear your requests for future episodes! This whole episode was inspired by a listener question! xx. Elsie + Emma

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