Episode #27: Elsie Sold Her Home (Sharing All The Details!)

Episode #27: Elsie Sold Her Home (Sharing All The Details!)

Hi hi hi! This week, I’m spilling the tea (or whatever) about selling our home, our phase one renovation (and what went horribly wrong) and moving during the quarantine.

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Show notes:

Note: We record these a few weeks early sometimes, so please excuse our inaccurate timelines … I really should stop making timeline references, but for some reason I can’t … sigh.

-Here’s a photo of the boxes we references from an Article delivery … except this is probably only 1/3 of them. Also, if you’re curious what kind of epic fort or castle we made … we actually ended up doing nothing and breaking down the boxes one day later because I felt like they were making our living space smaller—so maybe next time! (if quarantine has taught me one lesson, it’s to lower my standards on pretty much everything!)

-Here’s a link to my blog post: How we prepped our home to sell (this post is very detailed compared to the podcast and goes into staging and small updates/upgrades to do before listing your home).

–Episode 12 “Elsie’s Forever-ish Home” where we initially talked about finding our dream home and the house shopping process.

-Shout out to Daniel, our realtor; we highly recommend him if you’re in Nashville.

–Brene Brown Unlocking Us podcast.


-Moving during the COVID-19 crisis—do not recommend. We talk allll about that.

-We talk about what it was like doing a zero contact closing day … kind of a fun memory!

(Here we are signing our closing papers in our kitchen with our children absolutely screaming through the entire process, haha).

-Here’s a post where I address, “why did you move??” and other questions.

-The pros of being in our new home during quarantine … an opportunity to dream and spend extra time designing. I am very thankful for this and feel that it sped up the process of bonding with our new home.

Phase one included:
-building Jeremy’s recording studio
-painting kitchen cabinets (we used Davis Custom Finishes In Nashville and highly recommend them).
-updated flooring in the whole houses (sand and finish original wood floors and added wood to match where carpet was).
-Link to renovation highlight.
-here’s a link to the Nashville team that redid our floors and did an excellent job!

-Phase one is now complete!!

Phase two includes:
Slowly decorating and renovating room by room. We will spend the next year on this. You can see the rooms on our project list here. You can see my mood board for the style we are going for here.

Phase three (next year) will include:
A home addition where we plan to add square footage including more bedrooms, living spaces, a dream kitchen and (finally!) a workspace for me. We also plan to update our outdoor spaces. It will be pretty intense, and currently we are still in the planning/dreaming phase. Once the quarantine is over, we plan to begin the design and permitting process. 🙂

–What we learned moving with kids.

Reader question from Chelsea: What are your favorite cocktails to make at home?
–moscow mule (or Dark & Stormy, which is the same recipe but you replace vodka with rum)
–aperol Spritz
–hot toddy (sit outside and drink it AUGH!!!)
–classic gin gimlet (you can swap for vodka if you prefer)
–old fashioned
–homemade margaritas (coconut, watermelon, cranberry …)

-Natalie’s book—Mod Cocktails. It is SUCH a good book to up your home bartender game!

Thank you so much for listening!! We love you! XX- Elsie + Emma

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