Episode #32: (MINI) All Things Faux Plants

Episode #32: (MINI) All Things Faux Plants

In this week’s mini, we chat about faux plants!

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Show notes: 
-We start off with a case for real plants—we LOVE real plants. However, there is a time and a place for faux and this episode is all about that!

-Elsie’s faux plant rule is that if I kill a plant two times (so, two plants) in a certain area or corner of my home, then I will replace it with a faux plant. There are sometimes just areas in the home where plants don’t thrive.

-There are two plants I only buy fake—fiddle leaf fig and mother of pearl hanging succulent.

-Links to Emma’s faux plant “art”

What to avoid:
-bad cacti with rubber “claws” for spines. (here’s an example of a really bad one!)
-putting fake plants outdoors because they fade FAST and that is very sad.

You can shop our favorite faux plants here:

This is our exterior! Imagine it all white, because pretty soon it will be! Now, what do you think we should put into that built-in flower box across the front??

Where to buy fake plants: West Elm, Target, Home Goods, Amazon and the craft stores, like JOANN. Also, thrift shops/garage sales.

Other faux alternatives (faux flowers, dried flowers, sun palms):

Here’s a link to the dried flower press.

If you have any questions about plants (or anything!), you can send them to us here: Podcast AT A Beautiful Mess DOT com
Love you! Elsie + Emma

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