Episode #33: Dealing With Internet Critics and Bullying

Episode #33: Dealing With Internet Critics and Bullying

Today, we’re talking about handling and dealing with negativity on the Internet. It’s an episode we’ve been working on for a while, and feels like a scary (but important) topic to cover. We share many stories in this episode that are vulnerable and some are sad, but we hope that what you take from this episode is a sense of empowerment. We truly believe the Internet IS slowly becoming a more kind place and we want to do anything we can to further that shift. We hope you do too!

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Show Notes: 

-We don’t have many links in this week’s show notes because a lot of this episode is personal stories, things we’ve learned and advice. We hope you enjoy it!

-Lol. We don’t even know how many years we’ve been blogging … throughout the episode we say “13 or 14.” Eh, either way, it’s a long time!

-We are trying not to curse in this episode because we’re doing a test (we had some issues with past episodes being mislabeled and with listeners being blocked from listening). Anyway, starting last week and for the next few, we are conducting a not-very-scientific experiment and not using curse words. In this episode, it’s actually kind of noticeable at certain points that we’re searching for alternative words to use—hahaha, so please enjoy that. Also, we’d love to hear whether or not you care if our episodes contain explicit language.

-I love how we always shout out Brene Brown, but also Will Smith. 😀

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for listening. Thank you for being a part of our community. We love you!

Elsie + Emma

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