Episode #35: Rich Life Chat with Ramit Sethi

Episode #35: Rich Life Chat with Ramit Sethi

Hi! This week, we are sharing our first interview episode with one of our personal heroes, Ramit Sethi. In this episode, we ask Ramit 10 questions from our listeners and there are some very good, vulnerable questions in there. We chat about COVID-19 pivots, what a rich life means to us, and more!

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Show Notes:

-Here’s a link to Episode 8: Self Help Books That Changed Our Lives where I first fan-girled about Ramit’s book.

-Ramit’s book is I Will Teach You To Be Rich and is the best spot to learn more about any of the topics we discuss in this episode. Make sure you get the second edition.

-I mention in the episode that Ramit’s email list is excellent (sign up here). It really is—I’ve never been on an email list that taught me so much.

-We chat about Ramit’s epic wedding and honeymoon.

If you all enjoyed this episode, I’d love to hear more about your Rich Life values and goals! It made me so nervous in the episode to just SAY it all on the spot like that, but it also was such an inspiring exercise. I hope you do it too! xx- Elsie

source: https://abeautifulmess.com/feed