Episode #36: (MINI) Yes, I Buy All My Own Gifts!

Episode #36: (MINI) Yes, I Buy All My Own Gifts!

Hi hi! So, I mentioned in one of last week’s episodes that I buy all my own gifts and you all wanted to hear more about this. So here’s a full (mini!) episode about how that started and why it works for us!

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Show notes:
So, this episode is about how I buy all my own gifts, and even wrap them and write “to: Elsie from: Jeremy” and then act surprised and give him credit when I open them. Haha … I know it probably sounds insane to some, but I love it. In this episode, we also talk generally about great gifts, so these show notes will be a lot of links to our favorite things … a gold mine of gifting!

Best gifts I have bought myself:
-Engraved name rings for our girls. These are the ones I have for our girls. I got them when we were matched with each girl, but then didn’t put them on until after our family day (a-little-sticious).
And this is my other favorite Etsy ring—perfect for shorter names, and maybe better alone than in a stack.
These are a few of my favorite brands (and the prettiest that make great gifts!).
–Leahlani (the ultimate!)
–Youth To The People
–Roller skates. They come in so many beautiful colors.
-Books, especially extra large art or design books.

-Ceramics. I LOVE ceramics. These are the Australian mugs I was talking about getting for Mother’s Day … which OOPS, they are not even based in Australia. Must have got them mixed up.

I also just bought this mug from Etsy.

And I love this shop!

-Shout out to Thistle Farms candles, especially the Christmas tree one (you all know by now I use all the fir needle and spruce essential oils year round!). But I think you have to stock up during the holidays. Do you all think I’m insane that I want my home to smell like Christmas trees year round?

-Here’s a link to Emma’s robot vacuum cleaner.

My favorite gifts (for myself or to give!!!)
-handmade mugs
-vinyl records
-beautiful stationery
-adding to a collection
-art and art prints
-cute stuff from Etsy
Happy Monday! Thank you so much for listening to our podcast! xx

source: https://abeautifulmess.com/feed