Episode #4: Three Things That Make Our Homes Happier

Episode #4: Three Things That Make Our Homes Happier

First of all … we wanted to say the BIGGEST THANK YOU. Thank you for supporting our brand new podcast. We had an incredible first week and we are so grateful (and excited!)

You can stream today’s new episode here:

OK … a few show notes links! These are things mentioned in episode four.

-You can see Elsie’s projector set up here. And you can see Emma’s set up here. There are links to all the items we used in those posts.

-Here are the links to Google Home (large speaker and small speaker). In my home, I use two large and three small.

–Elsie’s Halloween tour (and last years) + Elsie’s holiday home tour (part two).

-Nova’s snack drawer. This is where we keep all the packaged snacks. It makes lunch packing simple because we grab a few of these along with a few fresh things like bananas, clementines, cucumbers or grapes.
-Here’s a link to @thehomeedit. Their houses really are as organized as their IG feed. It’s inspiring!
And, as I suspected, there is no ghost toilet photo to share. Haha … probably for the best.
Happy Monday! XX- Elsie + Emma

source: https://abeautifulmess.com/feed