Introducing Marigold June

Introducing Marigold June

I am thrilled to share our exciting news with you today! Our second daughter, who we plan to call Marigold June (Goldie), will be joining us sometime in 2019! We were only six months into our second adoption process when we were matched with her last month. In current China adoption timelines this is abnormally quick, and to be honest we are still in shock a little.

We had just begun to settle in for a long wait as our agency had sent an email warning us that the waiting period was extending for many families. We had just had a conversation the week before where we decided we would be fine even if the wait took one to two years. Not only was the speedy match a shock, but I was also blown away by Marigold’s age—she just turned 1. We were fully expecting a child much closer to Nova’s current age (she turns 4 this summer).

This adoption process has been SO dramatically different from our first experience. But I will say the one thing that remains the same is the feeling that everything is working out exactly as it is supposed to. We definitely believe in an element of fate when a child is matched with our family and just as it did with Nova, we feel so strongly that Marigold was destined to be with us. We call her our miracle baby!

And now we wait.

For the next season, it’s just paperwork, more paperwork and bills. Haha! We’ve been told by our agency that summer is likely when we’ll travel to China, but we won’t know officially for several more months.

In the meantime, we’re soaking in every single day with Nova and preparing our home and our hearts for a 1-year-old baby. Wowwww!

Nova is so excited to have a sister. At her age, I wouldn’t say she fully understands what is about to happen, but she says the most loving and adorable things. We just received videos last week and we watch them together with Nova every day.

She has been carrying around her photo and is so proud to show everyone she meets!

To answer a few of the questions most people have asked …

Yes, Marigold has albinism just like Nova. And yes, we requested that intentionally. We believe it will benefit both our daughters to have someone who looks like them and who relates with the unique challenges of albinism in their family. I went into more detail here.

Marigold is 1 year old.

Yes, Nova is traveling to China with us for the adoption trip. At her age, we can not imagine leaving her for such a long trip or such an important bonding time for our family. We’re excited to do a bit of sightseeing and travel with Nova on the front end of the trip.

Many people ask if Nova and Marigold are biological siblings, since they look so much alike. I can see why that seems likely, but since they are different provinces it is highly unlikely. Although only DNA testing could tell us that for sure.

Augh! More than anything, I am just so, so excited to hold our little gal. I probably waste too much of each day envisioning how wonderful it will be to hold her in my arms, but can you blame me? I can’t wait!

We’re so incredibly grateful for a chance to give Nova a sister and become parents to a new, special little girl. Our hearts are already bursting with love!

I wrote a long version of the story of our match here. If you’re curious to learn more about our story or adoption in general, I have an archive of around 20 posts here.

Thanks so much for following along! I’ve felt so much love and support from our blog readers surrounding our adoptions, and it’s honestly the most love I’ve ever felt from the internet. I am so thankful for you! xx – Elsie

P.S. On the advice of our agency, we will not be sharing our little gal’s Chinese name, the province where she is currently living or any other personal details. ? Thank you for understanding.