Kiddo Guest + Playroom Update

Kiddo Guest + Playroom Update

I mentioned a while back that we had to reconfigure a couple of our bedrooms to make space for Marigold’s room. This was always a part of our plan—well, loose plan since, but I still spent several weeks trying to envision how to best combine rooms and not lose any function.

We moved the playroom stuff out of this room to give Marigold a space and we combined it with our kiddo guest room. So now we have a playroom/guest room! The majority of the playroom stuff that we were using was our art stuff. So we did a big toy clean out and donated anything we weren’t using. We moved the dolls into this room and stored some of the other toys (like blocks and dolls) in Marigold’s bedroom.

We added the shelves from our previous playroom as well as this built-in desk to use as an art space. Making art is one of my biggest priorities. And even though I could 100% do it in the dining room or in other rooms, I like having a devoted space for it and wanted to keep that as the main function of this space. At 3 years old, Nova is still much more interested in art than toys.

We also painted the bunk beds green. I was enjoying a chance to switch things up. The new color is Fresh Balsam by Sherwin Williams.

We squeezed as much function into this room as possible. Our little IKEA chalkboard sits in the corner, our costume collection and more art supplies are hidden in the closet, and we added under-the-bed toy storage.

Making art is our happy place!

These Calico Critters are our main toy collection. Nova has been very slow to get interested in toys. At first, it was just blocks and puzzles, then the pig phase. And just recently she became obsessed with the little animals and it is the CUTEST thing ever. We spend hours on the bunk beds where she thinks of names for every single animal. Some of their names are Coco, Taco, Butterfly, Sun Sun, Pineapple and the baby animals are all called “baby” … ugh—so so cute.

Love her and love this season of life!

The trundle drawers store so much STUFF. We have some more calico critters stuff (a bus and a car), another dollhouse, a bunch of Blythe dolls and clothes for them. And they still have a lot of space to go, so I’m really happy we added them. We painted them to match the bunk beds so they’d all family together.

Other Sources: Bunk Bed/Amazon, Light Fixture/Sazerac Stitches, Curtains/Anthropologie, Clear Plastic Jars/Amazon, Table (similar) and Chairs/Target.

Let me know if you have any questions about this room! ? xx – Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.