New Clean Beauty Finds I Am Loving!

New Clean Beauty Finds I Am Loving!

You know by now that clean beauty is one of my favorite subjects. Throughout the past few years, not only have I found the best of the best through trial and error, but there are also incredible new items coming out all the time. It was a struggle even three of four years ago to find products that were clean, but also well branded and affordable. That has changed! The options now are better than ever, so I’m back again to share a few new favorites that have creeped onto my radar lately.

CBD Honey Manuka Mask with Peppermint – I met the owners of this small company because a mutual friend invited them to our holiday party. They left me with a bag of treats to try. Months later, I found the bag (I do that all the time—ugh) and tried the mask and WOW. It’s all the things I love in a mask. I love honey masks because they are ultra moisturizing (I stay away from masks that dry the skin), the peppermint has a nice tingle and the CBD magic ingredient is a fun added bonus.

Boscia Cactus Water – I use this as a leave on mask, so I often wear it to bed on my whole face and neck. It’s a gel made with aloe, cactus flower extract and a long list of other great ingredients. I love how different it is—it’s definitely something I will rebuy.

Clary Face Serum – I am a big advocate for simple, clean serums. I don’t use any retinol in my routine and it honestly makes me angry that the mall beauty counters sell serums and creams for hundreds that are full of harmful ingredients. Nobody wants to age badly, but these so called anti-aging products are such a scam in my opinion.

Reading the ingredients in Clary’s face serum was a breath of fresh air because it’s all ingredients I am familiar with and I know are great for the skin like Frankincense oil, carrot seed oil, evening primrose oil and more. I trust it. It’s what I’ve been using as my night serum for the past month and I will 100% rebuy it.

Jane Iredale Golden Shimmer – My inner ’90s girl had to try this. I will warn you that it’s VERY shimmery, but it’s such a fun potion to add when going to the beach or somewhere tropical. I just wore it all week in Mexico and felt so glowy.

Vapour Beauty Mini Halo Illuminator and Aura Multi Use (in the color Eros) – I love Vapour and this blush and highlighter combo is exactly what I was looking for. I love a natural blush shade and I’ve recently found that cream blush is my absolute fave, especially when it comes in a stick. They’re so easy to apply. I dab a bit on my cheeks and highlight right above that (around my outer eye area) and then just press it in with my finger or a brush if I have one handy. Easy peasy.

Boscia Indigo Eye Cream – This is a color correcting cream, which is great because my dark circles have always been one thing that bothers me (although I’ve been working to accept them more and more). I’ve been wearing this cream to bed along with my Clary serum and sometimes the cactus water on top of that. It’s a pretty great skincare cocktail. I like how affordable this eye cream is compared to a lot out there! I love the new packaging too. So fresh!

OK! That’s all I have for today. Are there any categories of clean skincare where you’ve had trouble finding options? I’d love to hear! xx. Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.