Nova’s Bathroom Tour (Our Kiddo Bathroom)

Nova’s Bathroom Tour (Our Kiddo Bathroom)

Augh! I am so, so excited to share Nova’s bathroom with you today! This bathroom in located between Nova’s bedroom and (what will soon be) little sis’s bedroom.

But first, here’s a little before/after!
You can see the entire before tour here. I always enjoy looking back on these posts to see if what I had planned matched up with what I ended up doing (since I often change my mind midway though a project!). I am very proud of how this room turned out. It was done on a reasonable budget (which, I realize is relative, but what I mean is, we worked with existing cabinets, kept the tub and didn’t change the layout). The result is fresh, but still kid friendly and EASY TO CLEAN. While it’s not decorated super kid-ish (I just can’t go there for a bathroom design—I wasn’t feeling it), it’s also durable and childproofed so we don’t have to stress.

I kept the white-on-white-on white theme that a lot of our other rooms have. There is white tile and grout (which is sealed—don’t worry) and the rest of the walls are painted white. For one accent wall (directly opposite the vanity mirrors), I added some floral wallpaper from Anthropologie. They have a great selection of black and white patterns. I looove this one too.

The towel hooks are from Anthropologie and Collin mounted them onto a painted board. The prints are by Arielle Vey and Team Woodnote. I like that along with the towels, they bring a bit of pink into the space.

The ceiling mounted lights are from Cedar & Moss. The faucets are by Delta. The countertop is marble (it is sealed, but also the high contrast hides imperfections a bit more than low contrast marble), but I will never use any marble for my counters ever again … quartz only for me!)

I am a huge fan of these faucets and cannot recommend them enough. They are simple and modern, they don’t wear out or age quickly (I’m not a huge fan of the patina look that a lot of gold hardware gets, sadly, so I like that these babies don’t age)

The cute hand towel holder is also from Delta. And I have to say, a bunch of fresh eucalyptus in a bathroom is the BEST smelling thing ever!

These photos are pretty blown out, but if you look closely maybe you can see the pretty tile pattern of our subway tile backsplash. It’s kind of fun.

I got the cute little wall shelf from Target.

Next, let’s go into the other part of the bathroom where the tub and the toilet are.

I bought this tufted shower curtain here and then added eight inches of lace to the bottom with a little extra fabric and fabric glue. I love floor length shower curtains, but why are they almost impossible to find? Here’s a DIY if you want to try it yourself with an actual sewing machine.

The vintage rug is so SUPER cute (I found it on Etsy). I am so in love with vintage Turkish rugs, but especially this one!

Here are some closeups of our tub and shower hardware. I love love love Delta’s champagne bronze hardware and I tell all my friends to stick with one brand for fixtures like this (and obviously I recommend Delta) because then all your finishes will match!

This cactus print is by Kelly Christine Sutton and so gorgeous! She has one of my favorite shops for framed prints.

I used the same macrame curtain as our guest bathroom and I love that it isn’t too bulky.

LOL, I had to continue the theme of ’70s wicker creatures from Nova’s nursery. I found this little guy on eBay. Isn’t he adorable and weird?

I kept these built-in shelves, and I am so glad I did because they’re an easy place to throw things and keep the room relatively clean most of the time.

I had so much fun working on this room, both while we were waiting to be matched with Nova and since we have been home with her to tweak it to our daily routines. I like that it is a room that can change with our daughters since we currently aren’t sure how long we will live in this home (but have no plans to move).

Sources//Wallpaper: Anthropologie, Ceiling Pendants/Cedar & Moss, Wall Shelf/Target. Trinsic Bathroom Faucet, Trinsic Towel Ring, Toilet Paper Holder, Trinsic Wall Mount Shower Tub and Shower Faucet/Delta,  Wallpaper Install: Meryl and David.

Thanks so much for reading! Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.