Nova’s Bedroom 3.0

Nova’s Bedroom 3.0

I’m always making small changes to our home, especially since becoming a mom. I love a beautiful kiddo room, but functionality definitely became my number one priority after I bought a rattan headboard that pulled my hair during story time every night. Augh! Today, I wanted to share a couple things we added and changed in Nova’s toddler room … and this time they’ve been tested for months and months, so I know they are comfortable!

Rainbow Rug-White/Mutli

This rug hangs on Nova’s wall and is the perfect giant statement art for her bedroom. I struggled with what to put here for a while (it was empty for almost a year) and I love this rainbow rug as a wall hanging!

Jenny Lind Bed with Rail

I don’t know if you’ve ever done this, but I wanted this bed from the beginning. Then at the last minute I went with a cheaper option (the hair pulling headboard—oops). Then I ended up circling back and getting this one in the end (I did wait for a sale though). This bed is SO GOOD. It’s so comfortable and just much more practical for a toddler. I promised Jeremy we’d keep it until Nova is in junior high or so. I plan on getting a matching one for Marigold when the time comes. Nova has already requested that they share a room—how sweet is that? My sister and shared a room for most of our childhood and I think it’s so special for sisters!

Other than that, not much has changed since Nova’s nursery was first set up. We were able to re-use the crib Nova never needed in Marigold’s nursery.

I try to keep the toys mostly out of the bedrooms because I struggle to sleep when my bedroom is really messy. Nova hasn’t really had a toy phase at all yet, so it’s mainly just about the piggies still. They’re the only toy she “loves” right now. Keeping the clothing situation under control is more of a struggle, but we do our best.

I am curious how our girls’ rooms will change and evolve as they grow. And I’m very curious if they will choose to share a room when the time comes (we would love that!). If you have any tips for tweaking your kiddos’ rooms though the years, I’d love to hear them!

These are my favorite rooms in our home! xx – Elsie

Credit//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photo edited with A Color Story Desktop.