Oui Fresh Happy Mail — September Unboxing

Oui Fresh Happy Mail — September Unboxing

Hey everyone! This month’s unboxing is super bittersweet. It’s the last month of Happy Mail (see the bottom of this post for more details on that), but it’s also a REALLY cute kit with lots of autumn touches and pops of neon. There are plenty of multi-use cards in this kit, and some fun printing methods. We used neon ink for the highlighter stripes card (we also included a heart-shaped three color highlighter that says “the future looks bright”) and some pretty copper foil. Read on for a few favorites!

These stickers are autumn themed and have everything we love about the season: coffee cups, pie, cozy hats and socks, etc. The perfect way to decorate an envelope! The “Miss You” card is blank inside—it’s one of my favorites from this month for the font and color combo.

I really can’t get over the fonts and colors this month—I love them SO much! This “Happy Birthday” card (inside says “To You”‘) and “Thank You” postcard are no exception. The Happy Birthday card comes with a light pink envelope as well—the perfect touch!

Just a reminder to seize ALL those days with this 8×10 art print. It’s a blush pink and the bold red text really pops. I framed this one for my office—it’s a perfect fit!

This fun illustrated “Party Time” card says “Wishing You a Happy Birthday” inside. The knot card is blank inside—the copper foil is so perfect on the yellow!

This card is fun fun fun. Illustrated hands on the front and inside it says “SO MANY HIGH FIVES!” with a pink envelope.

September is my favorite month of Happy Mail we’ve done so far! Again, just because it’s the last month of Happy Mail doesn’t mean you can’t sign up! You can get the last month by clicking here, and your card will only be charged once. If you’re a current Happy Mail subscriber, you won’t be charged again after your September billing date and this will be the last kit you receive.

Thank you all for supporting Happy Mail! We will miss it so much but are really excited for the new products that we’ll be sharing with you soon.

xo, Keely, Emma + Elsie

Credits// Author: Keely Rust. Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

source: https://abeautifulmess.com/feed