Savory Pumpkin Cake (Torta Salgada de Abóbora)


Fall is here, and cooking with pumpkin is in full effect at my house! With that wonderful squash, I make everyday kind of dishes as well as more special dishes or “party” food.

Perfect for any occasion, this moist and fluffy savory cake can be sliced and served as an appetizer, or as a meal itself with a side salad – arugula would be great.

Last week, I made this recipe for a party. It was served sliced, at room temperature, as an appetizer. As per usual, I made a very traditional Brazilian version, using typical ingredients from Brazil – simply because I love to display (and introduce) those flavors to my American friends. People really enjoyed!

I used carne-seca (traditional Brazilian Jerk beef) for the filling, but do not think that you must do the same. This is a very versatile cake, and the filling can be any of your choice. I think that Bolognese, shredded chicken with tomatoes, or a mix of sautéed vegetables would taste wonderful!

The cake method could not be any easier: all ingredients are blended together, then the mashed pumpkin is folded in. That’s it!

With traditional Brazilian filling, or with your choice of filling, I can guarantee that this delicious savory cake will satisfy your fall cravings! Take a look…

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