Six-Step Natural Skincare Routine from Target!

Six-Step Natural Skincare Routine from Target!

Clean beauty is something we are super passionate about here at ABM, but we get it—making the switch can be pricey, especially when you’re dealing with niche beauty products. Today, I am super excited to show you this Target skincare routine! There are six steps in this regimen for $75, which is a pretty great price.

There are a few things you could omit as well if you needed to bring the cost down. I also bought all of these products *in person* at my Target. I know selection in stores can vary, but I didn’t just order a bunch of things that can only be found online (though I will link them all in this post).


First up, we have our cleansers, and I use both of these each night for a double cleanse (when you use both an oil-type cleanser *and* a water-based cleanser). This cleansing oil from Fatco is really nice and very hydrating. Oil cleansers really help to remove that first line of makeup and dirt from your skin. They do an amazing job of picking up everything you want OFF and leaving the good, nourishing oils behind for the benefit of your skin.

For the water-based cleanser, I am really loving this Gentle Gel Cleanser from Honest Beauty. It’s very gentle and refreshing and does not make my skin feel tight or dry. A little tip: If your skin ever feels tight after a cleanse, that usually means it’s too drying for your skin.




After cleansing, you can follow up with this Sea Mist Refreshing Toner from Captain Blankenship. Toners also aid in the cleansing process. With the light exfoliant power they have, they can help to clear out clogged pores and as a result, your pores can look smaller. This particular toner is gentle and can even be used as an after sun spray. I just mist my face with it and gently press it into my skin.

Masking about twice a week is a good frequency, and this Aztec Secret Healing Clay is a go-to. A cult favorite, this bentonite clay can be mixed with water or apple cider vinegar. When you use the ACV in place of water, you get a better exfoliation from the acids in the vinegar. I love that this is a gentle way to exfoliate! We are so often over-exfoliating our skin without knowing it.


One of our absolute favorite budget beauty buys is this Daily Hydration Overnight Face Oil from Shea Moisture. Face oils are extremely nourishing and can be a crucial part of a skincare routine. All you need is a dime-sized amount to massage into your skin before bed (or a no-makeup day) to reap the benefits.

Of course, we can’t forget about SPF. I love this Radically Rejunivating SPF Day Cream from Acure with SPF 30. It comes enriched with lots of good antioxidants and anti-aging helpers like vitamin C.

Do you have any drugstore favorite clean products? There are so many out there, but I wanted to include a mix that could be good for a lot of different skin types and also our most requested recommendations. Hope this helps anyone out there looking for a more budget-friendly clean routine! xo, Keely