We’re Adopting … Again!

We’re Adopting … Again!

Hello friends! I have the most wonderful news to share with you today … our second adoption is underway!

For those of you who have followed our story closely, I’m sure it comes as no surprise as it has been our intention from the beginning to adopt a sister for Nova from China. We had such an incredible experience adopting Nova and we can’t wait to travel back to China again, as a family of three this time, to become a family of four!

Just like last time, I will share our adoption story in detail over on my family blog (you can see the full archive of adoption posts here). But for today’s post, I thought I would just share a little bit about how our second adoption experience has been different from our first and (most importantly) how Nova feels about the prospect of having a little sister!

After bringing Nova home, we decided to wait six months before even talking about our next adoption. We knew we would need some time to settle in and focus on bonding with Nova, and wow—it flew by. So, in the early summer after we celebrated six months as a family, we decided that we wanted to begin our second adoption as quickly as possible. There were a few reasons, but overall, we just feel ready to go through the process again and we like the idea of our children being close in age.

The China program is a long-ish process—around two years on average. We decided we would like to adopt another child with albinism, which could affect our wait time quite a bit because it makes our profile very specific. We are comfortable with a long wait, but I have a weird feeling it won’t be long. The unknown timeframe has definitely caused us to cling even harder to every day with Nova. This is such a special season and we’re in no rush at all for it to end.

So far, our experience has been so different this time. In our first adoption, our home study took around seven months to complete. This time, it took less than two months. Since we’ve done all the documents before, we feel more experienced this time and it honestly feels pretty easy overall.

Emotionally, it’s also completely different. Everyone told me it would be. Having Nova in our lives makes our wait feel infinitely easier, and instead of wishing I could fast forward through this current season of life, I wish I could slow it down. We are still enjoying loads of firsts with Nova. The first adoption was pretty heavy and the wait was difficult. This time, it just feels joyful and exciting.

The other major shift is, instead of thinking of ourselves and a new child in this adoption, we are mainly focused on Nova and what is best for her. Currently, we are working on teaching her what a sister is, preparing her for things in our life that will change with a sister and talking about China. Nova is very excited to have a sister, according to her (how it will play out in real life is yet to be seen, of course!). She is constantly saying the cutest things like, “When I have sister I will share my pack pack with her” and “When I have itty bitty sister I will hug her and snuggle her.” We’re happy she’s excited, but to be fair, she’s not understanding a lot of what is happening at her age. The other night we were eating at a Chinese restaurant and she asked, “Do they have sister here?” haha. We spent a while trying to explain to her the difference between Chinese food and China and it wasn’t going to happen.

Anyway! I will keep you updated as we move forward. Since our timeline is pretty unknown, it might be a long time, but we felt like it was a good time to at least let you know where we are at. Thank you so much for your love and support during the happiest time in our lives! We love you! xx – Elsie, Jeremy and Nova

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photo edited with A Color Story Desktop.

source: https://abeautifulmess.com/feed