What Does a “Forever Home” Mean To You?

What Does a “Forever Home” Mean To You?


Last weekend we went to look at a house. It unexpected and premature. We’re not at all ready to move (especially with an adoption in progress) but the house seemed so incredible that we felt we had to look “just in case”. It had all the things we thought we really wanted in a
“forever home”. So for, like, 24 hours my brain opened up to the possibility of moving way sooner than we had planned.

It turned out to be nothing. I’m one of those people who can tell within second of walking into a home whether it’s a yes or a no. I was honestly relieved because of the timing, but it definitely opened up a part of my brain and got me dreaming about the future. I wanted to share my thoughts on it and discuss with you today!

I hear people toss around the term “forever home” quite a bit. If you’ve ever watched HGTV you know what I mean. I’ve wondered if it’s realistic for me to find a home we’d live in “forever” and my husband, Jeremy, thinks it’s an absurd idea for someone like me to stay planted forever.

Still, the idea of planning for our own “dream home” appeals to me. Sure, no home is ever perfect… but I feel like good planning can get you a lot closer than poor planning. And I realized that if I don’t take the time to figure out what “dream home” or “forever home” means to ME then I won’t know what I’m searching for.

Our current home is perfect in so many ways. I always say if we could pick it up and move it to a different school zone I would. We are extremely attached to this home and the memories we’ve made here. It feels good to know we’re in no rush to move and that we can take as long as we want to shop and be really picky for our next home. Especially since we chose our current home after one day of shopping BEFORE we even lived in Nashville… that felt really risky! Four years later we know the neighborhood options so much better and have lot more perspective on where we may want to live.

Our current plan is to adopt our baby, enjoy our home and STAY OFF ZILLOW for the rest of 2019. haha! But in the meantime, I want to use this time to really dream and plan what we would want in a future home— hopefully one we can stay in while our children are in school and plant some roots, even if it’s not literally “forever”.

I have a running list of random features that I would love in a home. Some are things we love in our current home and some are things we wish we could add (like SIDEWALKS in our neighborhood), but can’t.

I have a list of things we’d like to be near including schools, shopping, food, and a gym with an indoor pool for our little swimmer. Life with a toddler is quite a bit different from our life before and the things we’d like to live close to have changed.

This one is really specific to me, but I’ve identified that having renovation projects on the horizon is really inspiring to me (as opposed to doing them all before we move in) so I don’t think I’d want to build a home or buy a new build— but never say never! That looks fun too.

Choosing one style feels semi impossible to me! I love so many different types of homes and can visualize us in all of them. A part of me thinks I should narrow that down and a part of me thinks it’s better to stay open to possibilities. What do you think?

Do you believe in the idea of a forever home? And if you do, how do you decide what that means for your family? I’d love to hear your perspectives! xx.

source: https://abeautifulmess.com/feed